VECUAPrivacy Policy

VECUA Privacy Policy

VECUA recognizes the importance of your personal information and will go out of its way to protect it. The following explains our policy for handling your personal information, including purposes of use, while complying with applicable laws and ordinances such as the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and various policies specified in industry guidelines.


The department stores that you visit and StylingLife Holdings Inc., BCL Company ( “VECUA”) shall use the personal information provided to VECUA.

Supplementary Provisions for Department Stores

The term “department stores” used herein refers to department store groups, including the department stores that you visit and their affiliates.
Department stores may send various information, including lifestyle information and product information, to you.

2.Purposes of use of personal information

  1. (1) Department stores and VECUA shall use your personal information (e.g. name, date of birth, address, email address, and telephone number) for the following purposes:
    1. 1) to provide products that suit you, beauty and cosmetics information, and services, and;
    2. 2) to record and sort out customer opinions and consultations received.
  2. (2) Department stores and VECUA may use your personal information to create statistical references. However, in this case, unless there are special reasons, the data is used in a form that does not allow specific individuals to be identified.
  3. (3) Department Stores and VECUA shall not use any of your personal information for purposes other than those specified above.

3.Managing and Storing Personal Information

  1. (1) Department stores and VECUA shall strictly manage and store personal information provided by you.
  2. (2) If you have not visited a department store for over two years, stored information may be discarded.

4.Providing Information to Third Parties and Outsourcing

  1. (1) Department stores and VECUA shall not provide personal information to a third party unless they have obtained prior consent from you.
    However, for outsourcing cases only, personal information may be disclosed under the responsibility and management of the department stores or VECUA, after establishing a non-disclosure agreement.
  2. (2) Note that department stores and VECUA may disclose or provide bare minimum information, only when submission is required by public institutions to comply with the provisions of laws and ordinances and for the sake of public interest equivalent to them.

5. Requesting Disclosure and Point of Contact

Department stores and VECUA shall accept requests for disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, erasure, and discontinuance of provision to third parties of your personal information within a reasonable scope, only when the request is made by the person owns the information.
To make the aforementioned request, customers are asked to send a given application form together with a document showing proof of identity enclosed in an envelope to the point of contact shown below.

VECUA Point of contact for personal information-related issues

2-21-1 Kita-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
StylingLife Holdings Inc., BCL Company
VECUA Customer Relations Office Toll-free: 0120-941-554 (10:00 AM―5:30 PM, except weekends, holidays, and year-end holidays)