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Bring the joy ofbeauty to your skinand your life

Creating fresh value for the modern agey

BCL got into the cosmetics business in 1979 with the slogan “Bringing beauty and delight to every complexion and every heart.” Since then, every product we’ve put on the market has been crafted with customer smiles in mind.

We’re committed to doing whatever it takes to enrich people’s lives. Customers these days want more from their cosmetics than ever before, so we’ve stepped up by actively importing global brands to deliver products that are organic, sustainable, and ethical.

At BCL, we believe that cosmetics are about so much more than superficial beauty. They make people feel better about themselves, and give them the confidence to create a brighter, healthier future.

We’ll continue pushing forward to develop even more attractive products, using cosmetics as a way to help every one of our customers create fresh value in their lives.

StylingLife Holdings Inc.
Company Executive President

Kazushige Omura