Our principles

The StylingLife Group engages in multifaceted lifestyle creation business activities that include the sale of imported lifestyle goods, mail-order sales, and the manufacture and sale of cosmetics and similar products. As a company engaged in the sale of products and services for everyone to enjoy, we recognize that environmental conservation is the ultimate shared challenge among all people of the world. For this reason, we make protecting the environment a priority in all of our business activities.


Environmental conservation is a priority in our activities.

  1. 1.

    We precisely ascertain the environmental impact of the products, information, and services provided by our group and make an ongoing effort to improve our environmental management systems and stop pollution.

  2. 2.

    We promise to comply with applicable laws and regulations while meeting agreed-upon group requirements and working towards further improvements.

  3. 3.

    We set environmental goals and targets while engaging in the following initiatives.

    1. 1.Minimizing the use of resources
    2. 2.Minimizing the use of energy
    3. 3.Reducing waste
  4. 4.

    We promote the following initiatives in the course of group operations.

    1. 1. Reducing packaging materials
    2. 2.Introducing measures for greater energy efficiency
  5. 5.

    We strive to contribute to the global community through our products, information, and services while maintaining a healthy balance between our environmental and corporate activities.

  6. 6.

    We make sure that everyone in our organization is fully aware of this environmental policy and disclose it to the general public as well.

Making environmentally friendly products

The Shizuoka Products Center has a clear understanding of the impact its business activities have on the environment and works to lessen that impact with a commitment to ongoing improvements and enhancements to its environmental conservation activities. In 1998, we were one of the first cosmetic plants to obtain ISO 1401 certification for our environmentally-conscious actions. This was followed in 2002 by ISO 9001 certification for quality control and quality assurance.

Since 2007, the plant has been using 125,000 kmh of electricity generated from wind power every year in its cosmetics manufacturing activities, further demonstrating our commitment to turning out products that are friendly to both people and the environment.

["ISO-9001" International certifications for quality management and quality assurance]

[Use of wind power]

Solar power generation system

In 2012, the Shizuoka Products Center installed on-site solar power generation equipment, helping keep down energy consumption and serve a vital disaster readiness role in the event that the plant loses electricity in an emergency or disaster situation. Also, because employees see the solar panels day in and day out, they help raise environmental awareness.

Social contribution

If we want to preserve the local environment, it's important that we maintain good relationships with the community and local government organizations. That's why the Shizuoka Products Center participates in cleanup activities around the plant and other efforts that promote positive communication.


Helping put more smiles on people's faces

All companies in the StylingLife Group participate in social contribution activities guided by the question, "How can we help make life more enjoyable for people in ways that go beyond the products, services, and information we provide?"

We want to help put more smiles on people's faces with social contribution activities that bring people together.

Activity details

The Heartful Bird activity is made possible through a joint investment with the Mrs. Grossman's company in California. The program helps children battling severe illnesses in children's hospitals have fun through sticker art.

Mrs. Grossman's got its start as a stationary goods company in 1975, and soon began developing the concept of sticker art. It remains an industry leader today. The company is active in social contribution activities, donating some six million stickers to children in hospitals and medical facilities around the world every year. We are delighted that Mrs. Grossman's also saw value in our Heartful Bird project and has helped fund the program.