Terms of Service and System Requirements

Terms of Service and System Requirements

This document outlines the terms of service and system requirements for the website (“the Website”) managed and operated by StylingLife Holdings Inc., BCL Company (“the Company”).



Before using the Website, users will be asked to agree to these terms of service (“the Terms”).


The Company may specify independent terms and guidelines (collectively, “Individual Terms”) for each service. Regardless of what they are called, the Individual Terms shall be a part of the Terms.


The Company shall reserve the right to establish new Terms and/or Individual Terms at any time or amend them in the future.


The Terms and Individual Terms, once established or amended, shall be effective when posted on the Website, unless otherwise specified by the Company. Using the Website after establishment or amendment of the Terms and/or Individual Terms constitutes agreement to the provisions of the Terms and/or Individual Terms following such establishment or amendment.

(Copyrights and other Intellectual Property Rights)

Any rights with regard to text, moving images, designs, programs, or other data that constitute the Website (e.g. intellectual property rights, portrait rights, or publicity rights) shall belong to the Company or third parties who are entitled to use the rights. Users are therefore prohibited from committing acts that infringe upon the above rights. Users are also prohibited from reproducing or reprinting letters, emails, or similar items (e.g. answers to user questions) sent by the Company without obtaining the Company’s permission based on the intellectual property rights it holds.

(Community Guidelines)

For guidelines related to social media on the Website, see the Community Guidelines.

(System Requirements)

Recommended browsers are listed below:

■ Windows
Internet Explorer 11.0 or later, the latest version of FireFox, or the latest version of GoogleChrome
■ Mac
The latest version of Safari, the latest version of FireFox, or the latest version of Google
■ Smartphones (iOS)
Safari (the latest standard browser)
■ Smartphones (android)
GoogleChrome (latest version)

Browsers other than the above may not function properly. Notes 1: JavaScript and cookies should be enabled. 2: Note that the colors that appear on your screen may differ from those of the actual items, even using the recommended browsers.



The Company shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever to users or third parties arising from the use of the Website or the use of the information provided via the Website.


The Company shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever arising from Website malfunctions, errors, failures, or from users being unable to access the Website.

(Governing laws and Agreement on Jurisdiction)


These Terms shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.


In the event that any uncertainty or problem arises in relation to the Website or the provisions of the Terms among the Company, users, or any third party, such parties shall agree to consult in good faith in each instance in order to find a resolution.


The parties shall agree that the Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court (depends on amounts sued) has competent jurisdiction for any uncertainty or problem that cannot be settled by consultation as specified in the preceding article.

(Established on: April 1, 2018)

StylingLife Holdings Inc.
BCL Company