Privacy Policy

StylingLife Holdings Inc.
Privacy Policy

At StylingLife Holdings, it is our main goal and mission to provide better products and services to customers through innovations and healthy business activities from a customer-first perspective that allows us to be their most reliable partner.

We are clearly aware of the fact that customers voluntarily entrust their personal information to us based on mutual trust for the specific purposes use, and therefore make it our primary goal to store it safely and respect customer intentions when using it.

StylingLife Holdings hereby declares that it will make an all-out effort to protect customers’ personal information while keeping in mind the following items.

Handling of personal information



When handling personal information (including individual identification codes, sensitive personal information, and so on), we will fulfill the obligations specified in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws and ordinances related to the protection of personal information as well as in administrative guidelines, while complying with this Privacy Policy.

(Usage within the Scope of the Purposes of Use)


We handle personal information only within the scope defined by purposes of use expressly indicated or disclosed, and only after specifying the purposes of use to the greatest extent possible, unless we have obtained the consent of the person or if such uses are acknowledged by laws or ordinances as an exemption.

(Indication and Disclosure of Purposes of Use)


StylingLife Holdings makes every effort to acquire personal information after obtaining consent and expressly providing the necessary information beforehand, including purposes of use, scope of parties with whom the information will be shared, and point of contact for inquiries. Note that we may make a written or audio record of the details of transactions and inquiries. At the same time, we will use the obtained information only to appropriately and promptly respond to requests of from the person who owns the personal information.

(Personal Information of Minors)


If there is any possibility of obtaining personal information from minors (under 15 of age), we shall take special care when handling it. For example, we will obtain such information from minors only after expressly stating that they should obtain consent from a parent or guardian first.

(Safety Management Measures)/p>


StylingLife Holdings shall take the necessary and appropriate safety management measures in line with current technology to protect personal information from unauthorized access, falsification, or leakage, whilemaking an effort to keep the personal information updated and accurate within the scope defined by the purposes of use.

(Supervision of Consignees)


Processing of the entrusted personal information may be consigned to a third party within the scope defined by the purposes of use. The third party specified above shall be selected only after they are proven qualified to provide a sufficient security level for the personal information and provide necessary and appropriate supervision based on established contracts and the like.

(Providing Information to Third Parties)


Unless acknowledged by laws and ordinances as an exemption, we shall provide no personal information to third parties other than those expressly indicated as those with which we will share information upon acquiring it, unless we have obtained consent from the person. Note that StylingLife Holdings shall not use the Opt-out system (Article 23 (2) of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information) to provide personal information to a third party without the person's knowledge.

(Requesting Disclosure, etc.)


If a person requests disclosure, correction, discontinuation of product or service information, or erasure of their personal information, we will promptly respond to the request based on the provisions of laws and ordinances after verifying the identity of the person.

(Responding to Complaints)


We shall promptly and appropriately address complaints from those whose personal information we handle, and improve our internal systems to ensure that action is taken.

(Anonymized Information)


When handling anonymized information (personal data obtained by processing personal information so that individuals cannot be identified), we shall fulfill the obligations specified in laws, ordinances, and administrative guidelines, while complying with this Privacy Policy.

(Continued Improvement of Internal Systems)


To appropriately handle entrusted personal information, StylingLife Holdings shall continuously strengthen and improve its internal systems, including by reviewing this Privacy Policy through improvement of internal regulations, training of employees, implementation of proper internal audits, and the like.

Amended on: May 30, 2017

Handling information via website and HTML mail distribution (at StylingLife Holdings Inc.)

StylingLife Holdings may use cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies to analyze website usage, browsing status of HTML emails, or to provide member-only services better tailored to specific customers. These cookies and web beacons may be used not only for statistical analysis of anonymous information, but also for member-only services to link to information identifying customers in order to provide more customized services.

When browsing websites

Customers can invalidate the linkages between cookie data and anonymous browsing data via web beacons by refusing to allow the use of cookies or other data with similar functions through their browser settings. Note that you may no longer purchase products or use services through the website, however, once such linkages are invalidated.

When distributing emails

StylingLife Holdings may use web beacons for HTML emails in order to improve website operation or to use as a reference for other sales activities. When a customer reads HTML emails, browsing data such as opening of emails or previews and clicked images or text will be recorded at StylingLife Holdings as information identifiable to the customer, rather than as anonymous information. If you wish to disallow the collection of these records, please go through the process of discontinuing HTML mail distribution.

Definition of terms


A mechanism for sending and storing certain data files from web servers to your computer or other devices when accessing a specific website. This technology enables the web server to identify previous usage status of the device when the customer comes back to the same website.

Web beacons:

A system that records browsing data on the web server side when a customer browses invisible images embedded into web pages and HTML emails.

HTML emails:

A type of email distributed as a part of member-only services which describes body text with HTML language typically used for website layouts, normally pasting pictures or images.