LEGAL Items requiring statutory disclosure and procedures requesting disclosure

StylingLife Holdings Inc. information related to items disclosed based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information

「You are asked to read through the items described below with regards to the personal information that we handle, based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (“the Act”) for the purpose of disclosure.

1.Purposes of Use for Personal Information Obtained by StylingLife Holdings (Article 18 (1) of the Act)

  • A.Purposes of use for personal information (1) through (4) below are related to services designed to provide customers with information:
    1. (1) Sales of products and provision of services
    2. (2) Advertising and sales promotion activities (customers may receive information related to products, services, exhibitions, and events via email or direct mail)
    3. (3) Customer care, such as responding to inquiries (including the use of personal information for registration, personal identification, and emergency contact)
    4. (4) Creation of statistical references to be used for future product development and sales activities
    B. For personal information related to stakeholders such as trading partners, various contacts, and information provided by StylingLife Holdings to stakeholders, including trading partners:
    In addition to the purposes described in preceding paragraph, StylingLife Holdings may use personal information within the scope of purposes of use to notify, expressly show, or disclose by methods stipulated in relevant laws and ordinances.

2.Items related to “retained personal data” handled by StylingLife Holdings (Article 27 (1) of the Act)

  • (1) Name of the business operator handling the personal information (our company):
    StylingLife Holdings Inc.
    (2) Purposes of use for all “retained personal data”:
    As stated in Item 1.
    (3) Procedure for responding to requests for disclosure, etc.
    Inquiries for notification of purposes of use for personal data retained by us (Article 27 (2) of the Act), disclosure (Article 28 (1)), correction (Article 29 (1)), discontinuation of use and the like (Article 30 (1)), and discontinuation of provision to third parties (Article 30 (3)) are accepted at the point of contact described below via email. Note that we charge a JPY 600 fee (includes tax) for disclosure and similar requests when applied. All replies are sent in writing by certified mail with delivery restricted to the addressee.
    StylingLife Holdings Inc. Contact for requesting disclosure of personal information
    (4) Point of contact established by StylingLife Holdings for complaints and consultation regarding the handling of retained personal data
    The point of contact specified in (3) above accepts complaints and consultations regarding the handling of retained personal data.

3.Opt-out system related to third-party provision (Article 23 (2) of the Act)

  • Article 23 (2) of the Act stipulates that personal data can be provided to a third party (except sensitive personal information) if the provision of such personal data is discontinued at the request of a person and will lead to the identification of the person, and as specified by the Personal Information Protection Commission, while certain items are put in a readily accessible condition for the person and the person is reported to the Personal Information Protection Commission.
    StylingLife Holdings shall use the Opt-out system while complying with applicable laws and ordinances.

4. Items concerning information sharing (Article 23 (5) iii of the Act)

  • • Article 23 (5) iii of the Act stipulates that if (1) data is shared with a specific party and (2) that fact and certain items are put in readily accessible condition for the person, then the data are not considered as having been provided to a “third party”, and the act is defined as an exemption to “provision to a third party”. This means that the provisions of the Act stipulate that personal data can be provided to a third party who shares the data without obtaining prior consent from the person.
    Notwithstanding this provision, StylingLife Holdings will not provide personal information to third parties other than those it expressly indicates as targets of sharing information when the data is acquired, unless prior consent of the person has been obtained.