Saborino Morning Face Mask Wins Best Cosmetic Award in Korea

The Saborino Morning Face Mask was created by the Girls’ Development Lab, our BCL in-house project team. In December 2018 we hit an incredible milestone, smashing through the 300 million unit total for shipments across the product series.
In March 2018, we launched sales in Korea, and we’ve just been awarded the Best Blonde Prize in the Health and Beauty Category of LOHB’s LOVE H&B Awards 2018. LOHB is a leading retailer of cosmetics in Korea.

Our LOHB’s LOVE H&B Awards trophy.

The award shows how Korea adores our sheet masks as a time-saving beauty item that represents the best of Japanese cosmetics.


Winner of 50+ Best Of Beauty Awards

We’ve been awarded more than 50 “best of” beauty awards, securing accolades recognized by beauticians, media, and celebrities.

More Than 3 Million Units Shipped

Total shipments across the series equate to around 2 sheet masks per person in Japan.

Sold in 20 Countries Worldwide

Our popularity goes far beyond Japan: we’re currently on sale in 20 countries worldwide.
December 2018