Limited Edition Sandwich: Yamazaki Baking x Saborino

Launch of a limited edition Lunch Pack sandwich

by Saborino and Yamazaki Baking



Yamazaki Baking has released a limited edition version of its best-selling Lunch Pack sandwich, developed in collaboration with Saborino.

This special edition “Full of Fruit” sandwich is loaded with creamy yogurt and filled with plump chunks of apple and pineapple and aromatic orange peel pieces.

◾ Contains collagen

◾Contains 4.5 billion lactic acid bacteria (per single pack)


Product Details

Limited Edition Lunch Pack “Full of Fruit”

Contains two sandwiches

Recommended retail price

Availability: 2/1 /2019- 2/28/2019

On sale at: supermarkets, drug stores, convenience stores throughout the Kanto region.

*May not be available in some outlets.

> Official Lunch Pack website


Saborino Sandwich Tasting Event

We held a special tasting event on January 29 at a special pop-up venue, the Saborino one-day CAFE. We were delighted to welcome so many guests, all of whom got an advance taste of our delicious collaboration sandwich, “Full of Fruit”.


Breakfast for your skin: Saborino Morning Face Masks

The Saborino series: here to support busy lifestyles with time-saving cosmetics!

The “Full of Fruit” sandwich is the perfect choice for a breakfast to grab on the go!


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